What is the most thankless, cumbersome function faced by Fortune 2000 companies? How about the one where your work only gets noticed when things break, where you’re viewed as a major source of expenses, and your workload has tripled in the past year. Such is the state of information technology today.

News: Welcome to the new IT crisis


Funny Conversation (at least to me):

Having Burger King’s Double Cheese Burger for lunch.

JD walks in and tells me “Sydney my boy, you know this food will kill you.”

I replied, “I’m counting on it.”

My Horoscope for tomorrow:

Where other people see risk, you see an opportunity just waiting to be grabbed. The prospect of failure is not one that you acknowledge. This attitude could bring you a lot of success at this time. Friends and colleagues may wonder how you get the guts to do the things you do.