So Facebook will finally allow users to group friends and control information flow based on friend type. For guys like Robert Scoble, who have 5,000 friends (the limit), this may be a way to finally sort through the real friends from the fans. It’s a much needed feature that people have been requesting for a long time.



Sure, you can always sell those old iPods (working or not) on eBay, but it’s far easier to use BuyMyBrokeniPod.


Babe of the Month Olivia Munn

September 30, 2007

When bored, she’ll tweak her PC, which is easier than a Mac to “break apart and do a bunch of shit to. I’ll put in more memory or a new fan.”



September 30, 2007

Late to bed and late to wake will keep you long on money and short on mistakes.
  – Aaron McGruder

#1: Where were you born?
#2: What is your native language?
#3: Are you married?
#4: Do you have children?
#5: Do you plan to get pregnant?
#6: How old are you?
#7: Do you observe Yom Kippur?
#8: Do you have a disability or chronic illness?
#9: Are you in the National Guard?
#10: Do you smoke or use alcohol?

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Men: She’s not always ready to go.  Ladies: Maybe he’s just feeling fat.

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FYI: I’m not talking about me. Fortunately I’m not so unfortunate to have the same loser boyfriend from high school. Also, my mind’s been in the gutter way too long to not have heard this train coming down the track.

And as humans, we actively seek out distractions. Because when life isn’t painful, it’s often painfully dull.

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