It is the nature of man to rise to greatness if greatness is expected of him.

– John Steinbeck


For the first time in my goddamn muthafuckin’ working life I will be signing up for 401k next year. Is this sign that I’m maturing? I don’t think so. Way for me to skip tax and get more tax free money (for now) depending on how much company will match.

[Listening to: Broken Heart – White Lion]

My sister is right. I’ve turned into a vampire. I leave for work before sunrise, I rarely get out of office building during daytime, I leave work after sunset.

Buffy season 7 DVD arrived couple of days ago. Full set complete! 😀

The Simple Life Interns Looks like they’ll do some more on Jan 26th 2005!

Best and Worst of Sex 2004

December 29, 2004

Best and Worst of Sex 2004

I can’t believe they are releasing Fifth Element Ultimate Edition DVD on Jan 11th 2005! Now I have to buy it again, assuming there’s good stuff in it.