June 30, 2003



I was pretty excited when I saw Hellraiser VI: Hellseeker DVD at DVD/CD place near work. But disappointed when I read user reviews at Netflix. I rented part V and that one sucked pretty damn bad. I think the best on was Part 2, Hell on Earth. I liked it so much that I bought it. 🙂

Google Toolbar Beta. Me like it. When Blogger updated their backend to make things better, they broke the “blog this” feature I used to use (at least 4 me). When I tried looking 4 it on the site, I couldn’t find it. As I was surfing around, I saw the Google bought Blogger and added “blog this” feature to their beta toolbar. Using it now. 🙂 Like the AutoFill feature as well. Since I use Panicware‘s Popup blocker already, not trying the Google Toolbar’s popup blocking yet.

Thinking about sending this tip to Sarah Lane. Hmmmm.

SmartFTP I’ve been using this FTP client. Used to use free version of CuteFTP.

IP Address Monster Useful stuff.

Linux’s new popularity may hurt Apple more than Microsoft.

PhotonLight I have one. Pretty cool!