January 31, 2005

School’s on! Will have my sis get the book for me. There’s 1 girl in my
class from last semester. It’s the same room as last semester. There is
a brunette in the class who I have my eyes on. Looks like she had
class w/prof. before.


Gmail Tips – The Complete Collection

The best part about going out with models, porn stars, actresses who either posed nude or done nude scene is you’ve already seen them naked. You know what to expect and can do lame joke like “Hey, I’ve seen you naked!”

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HDTV in Plain English

January 31, 2005

HDTV in Plain English

Meet Genevieve Gorder I’ve been watching Town Haul. Me like her.

I can be the man who saves the day – The Calling (DareDevil Soundtrack)

[Listening to: for you – the calling – Daredevil OST (03:43)]

Constantine Hell Never Looked SO Good!