Fax1.com I signed up with them today. You get $1.00 worth of fax to send when u do that. Sent a resume. 2 pages, 24 cents. No signup fees etc.


AskMen.com – Hilary Duff

October 31, 2003

AskMen.com – Hilary Duff

Just because someone has a Computer Science degree doesn’t mean they can fix computer. They don’t teach how to fix computer in that major!

Tru Calling I’m going to give this show a chance.

Only Dr. Mego & I showed up for the ex-employee party tonite. Looks like other ex-employees are either over it or don’t care much. I’ll still show up for the next. Does that make me a loser? Who cares!

I have hard time seeing JLE hugging & getting kisses from the cheap ass topless guy in the bar! Me think that guy had issues. 😉

eBay.com Seller List: siddmanx I’ve started to sell stuff online. Jobless dude gotta make some money!