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subversive cross stitch: mind your fingers

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If you’ve seen one beautiful naked women…

You’ve gotta see them all.

FREE pictures taken of you:

Reply to: anon-19971058@craigslist.org

Date: 2003-11-26, 9:45PM

i have a new camera and i would like to use it

if you need your picture taken let me know head shots body shots nude pics anything just let me know what you need


I wonder which poor innocent girl would fall for that. And why didn’t I think of this before! 😉

Netflix sent me 2 DVD discs for Gangs of New York. Just got the emails. Weird ’cause they never do that. Could it be that the movie is soooooo long, I have to use both discs? Or enuff people whined about not seeing special features on second discs. Or a change of policy. Or just the Holiday Spirit. Or special way to say thanks to a old customer. I’ve been with them since the beginning.

Radioshack and Fleet used the same stock photo of a girl in red dress holding LOTS of gift packages in their newsletter. Funny!