Pretty pissed now. Lost an auction for the office. It happened within 35 seconds! Bleeping ebay site refused to refresh. I closed and opened the browser and there it was, someone else won it by paying extra 10 bucks! Things usually never work out for me. Something’s got to give! Happens so often that I expect it all the time and get disappointed when it doesn’t happen. I’ve gotten too used to misery. 🙂


As long as a person doesn’t admit he is defeated, he is not defeated – he’s just a little behind and isn’t through fighting.

-Darrell Royal, Texas football coach

Death is Coming! Final Destination 2

Economy… the art of making the most of life; the love of economy is the root of all virtue.

– George Bernard Shaw

Welcome to Hell! A Mac users upgrade to OSX gone wrong…

Please help. I just updated OSX to 10.2.2 and I get the blue screen of death at startup. I finally got it to bring up my login/pass, but it is not recognizing the correct pass. I need to bring my maching back to operating condition. I’m usually computer proficient, but cannot seem to figure this one out, nor did I find a solution at

Please email me if you can help. Will compensate.

I’m stuck on this crummy PC for now. H E L P !

Another dumbass Machead? You decide…

My mac is new ( 1G Dual 786 or something like that… 80G + 120G 7200rpm HDs etc.. = 200G )

All stuff included Original softwares etc.. ( display not included)

apple care etc…


Final Cut Pro 3

DVD-Studio Pro 1,5

Photostudio 7


I just want to sell my mac reason thani’mnot going to out of country and i’m not going to buy laptop…

I just need to pay my rent.!!!

No more job no more fun. If i can sell my mac ?? I may have fun for week or two to find incomes for my family ( Wif, 3,5 year boy and 6 months “old” baby girl)

Good deal!!!

From Craigslist

Looking for fairly new iPod, would like 10 or 20 MB model, but will settle for 5MB if price is right.

e me: ***

I don’t think any explanation is needed but anyways, there is no MB model of iPod, typical ignorant user, most likely a Mac user and on top of that an AOL user. A tech support nightmare!