It’s Halloween today. My favorite “holiday”. Wanted to put on the very good looking fangs I bought couple of years ago. Didn’t feel like doing it. I was in very bad mood yesterday. Still am!


10 reasons he didn’t call I rarely call either. Don’t have email, don’t check it often, forget it! I’m not that desperate.

The Great Mac Attack: Good reasons to hate the Mac!

Here’s a free advice, if you see something, like it, seems like a good deal and can afford it, BUY IT ASAP! It won’t be there for long! Trust me, sometimes too much thinking can be bad. This is one of those times. I’m an impulse buyer most of the times. But research a LOT before buying electronics.

How Vain Am I?


You Are Evenly Balanced and Attractive

You spend a reasonable amount of time attending to your appearance. You can take time out to look good without panicking about it. Making yourself look good makes you feel pampered and boosts your self-esteem. However, you can still feel good about yourself with or without the primping. You don’t feel competitive about your appearance, which makes you ultimately all the more comfortable with yourself and that much more attractive from the inside out. Way to go!

How much digitalized is my life? According to a Samsung Survey this is what I am….

You are an E-Warrior. Seeker of thrills and achievements

You’re the first one whom your friends ask when they

have questions or problems with digital products.

You don’t hesitate to try new digital products no matter

what it takes. You enjoy new lifestyles and the extreme

speed of digital technologies. You don’t remain in one

place for a long time and you are always ready to go.

You were born to become a hi-tech e-warrior!

No, IT wasn’t the first dept. to know about who is getting fired. It’s usually the opposite. Someone will quit/get fired and we won’t know until the last minute or when it’s too late, the damage to data and network is done.