Male Contraception Information Project


Photos: Web e-mail on the desktop | CNET

Easy Button Hack – a photoset on Flickr

Adobe Labs – Project: Lightroom I don’t need this much power and control, yet. Picasa handles my photos VERY well.

Horoscope tomorrow:

Talking you into parting with your hard earned cash won’t be an easy task at the moment, for even the most skilled salesclerk. Of course, if you do see the perfect item, heaven help anyone who tries to come between you and your purchase. Your sign is represented by the ram, a critter that’s famous for going through obstacles, not around them. ‘Impulse’ has always been your middle name, and for the time being, ‘determination’ will run a close second.

Insanely huge storage for a flash drive that size. Yes, it is 6-4, sixty four, gigabytes, of flash memory. This dwarfs many hard disk based portable usb drives as well, and at a fraction of the size. Imagine a 60 gigs flash based iPod..

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The Old New Thing : Why are there two copies of Notepad?