Videoconferencing Is A Nice-To-Have, Not A Need-To-Have

November 6, 2007


In most cases there’s simply no need or no desire to have a video connection. You can accomplish just as much with voice communications, and the video is often seen as more of a negative than a positive. For a video call you need to make sure you look presentable, which isn’t great for unplanned calls. It also doesn’t let you do anything else while you’re on the phone. In other words, it offers very little benefit and has some serious downsides that make it less than useful for many users.



One Response to “Videoconferencing Is A Nice-To-Have, Not A Need-To-Have”

  1. VisualCommsman Says:

    what a pile of rubbish. As a daily user of Video communication I can confirm that the benefits far out weigh any negative! In my organisation we have saved over £300k per year on travel, reduced our carbon footprint by several hundred tonnes a year, increased productivity, and even sped up our decision making time!
    Your opinion is clearly based on your opinion only, and not a user experience. We use Tandberg HD equipment and the experience is great, ok so I have to adjust my tie knot more often, but this surely is a good thing that leads to a more presentable and professional business???

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