Horoscope Tomorrow

November 3, 2007

If you can’t see the finish line in the near distance, don’t get frustrated — turn around! There you will see it, miles behind you. You have been going at such a furious clip for so long, than you may very well have eclipsed your original goal. You could just keep going on to the next milestone, but the stars say it’s time for you take a break. Stop this forward momentum for a while and just enjoy where you are in life — it’s a heck of a nice place!
I guess makes sense. Pill is supposed to slow me down. Apparently I’m moving/operating faster than people around me. Which is frustrating to me BUT they are too slow to realize. AND there I am past the finish line, standing alone, a winner but no one is there to realize I’ve won. I can’t wait around too long for ya’ll to pick up your paces! Of course in the end we are all alone, on our own, so why should I bother waiting for ya’ll?


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