Four Guy Theory

November 2, 2007

A woman needs 4 guys…  

  1. A hardcore alpha male to fuck her brains out, beat her, pull hair, give it to her rough. This guy is model bad boy. He’s got little money, screws whoever he wants. Not husband material.
  2. A perfect guy. He is everything a woman wants. He’s got the good job, money, looks, cultural experience, education, likes to travel, balanced life (at least looks that way from outside) etc. etc. You know, he knows and 20 other women know that he is all that and will not settle down until later. Can you wait that long? Most women can’t. This guy will buy you what you want, take you places you want to go but when you cancel on him, be sure that he’s probably got backup plan or women lined up to take your place. 
  3. A go to guy friend, maybe sensitive, maybe gay. If not gay, he wants to get in your pants if given chance. BUT he is smart enuff to not ruin what U 2 have until one day he takes a chance or becomes asshole. He will do almost anything for you but you don’t see him as more than friend. When you do come to your sense, it is too late, he moved on or has become a bitter guy. He is also not much of a catch like guy#2. Someone you’ll have to work on.
  4. The Husband. This guy is not your first or second choice. He may not have enuff hair on head, probably not in best physical shape BUT he is willing to take the plunge, move to burbs & make babies with you. He knows he can’t do any better than you or just plain lazy to do anything. He’s got decent enuff job to do about 45-70% of what you want in life. Yes, I’m aware, sometimes good looking people get married, make babies, etc. but that rarely lasts. Women have trouble with men that look as good or better than them and men have trouble with women taller than them (unless you are filthy rich old man). 

That’s all!

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