Dexter: An Inconvenient Lie

October 16, 2007


I’m Dexter.
I’m not sure what I am.
I just know there’s something dark in me.
I hide it.
Certainly don’t talk about it.
But it’s there.
It’s dark passenger.
And when he is driving I feel, alive…

I don’t fight him
I don’t want to
It’s all I’ve got.
Nothing else could love me.
Not even
Especially not me.
Or is that just a lie the dark passenger that tells me?
Because lately there are these moments when I feel
To something else
It’s like
The mask is slipping
And things, people
Who never mattered before.
Are certainly starting to matter.
It scares the hell out of me.


One Response to “Dexter: An Inconvenient Lie”

  1. Baloo Says:

    That was my absolute favorite scene! I find myself watching it over at over.

    It’s hard taking my eyes off of Dexter/MCH during any scene but especially that one.

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