Only the BlackBerry can save our nation’s productivity

September 28, 2007

When I’m in a tight spot, my BlackBerry always helps me out. It also sends a subtle signal to my correspondents that I’m getting a lot done. An e-mail that says “Sent from my BlackBerry” gives the impression that you’re on the move but still chained to work, e-mailing from the elevator. An e-mail that says “Sent from my iPhone” conjures an image of a doofus who wants you to know he has an iPhone.

Touch-typing BlackBerry users, meanwhile, are everywhere, thumbing away behind steering wheels or with their hands tucked under the conference table during meetings. Sure, we’re a highway menace, but we’re productive.

…the work focus is inevitably disrupted by some dork who whips out his Apple phone for a demo. (Yes, I’ve seen the thing you can do with two fingers on the photos. No, I don’t want to see it again.)

Slate Article


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