Miss Information

July 11, 2007

I like to think of guys at bars as telemarketers. Time is money, and the more time you spend listening to their spiel, the more guilty and attached you become. Also, that’s time that said guy could be spending talking to another (presumably more interested) girl. You think you’re being polite by spending all evening chatting with a guy you’re not into, but what you’re really doing is messing with his quota.

So what do you do? You learn how to reject. It’s grown-up, it’s empowering and it gets easier over time. A good rejection has two parts. The first part thanks the solicitor for their efforts, and the second issues the rejection in no uncertain terms, putting forth any additional rebuttals in a clear, consistent manner.
You didn’t fuck anything up, but you are being a little dense. I know the idea of a long, slow courtship sounds really refreshing, like an electric fan on a naked ass, post-shower on a summer day. But very few people have the time and energy to email their family and friends, let alone establish an email courtship with someone they’ve never met. A woman who’s about to leave the country is not one of them.

– Miss Information 


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