Just Say NO to iPhone

June 24, 2007

You are going to be asked (or already have been) to hook up the iPhone to your network’s email system in some way. The problem is that the only protocol the iPhone supports is IMAP and that just does not cut it. The iPhone cannot work like a RIM BlackBerry or Windows Mobile. There is no built-in sync with Outlook that is secure enough. It does not work with Lotus Notes either. I think that is a major omission of Apple’s part and they should know better if they want to sell to the business community.

For the moment the iPhone is is an attractive, expensive consumer device. Keep it out of your networks until Apple licenses software from either RIM or Redmond to act like a Blackberry or Windows Mobile. Another major drawback is that an iPhone user needs an iTunes registration, which means a music directory on the user’s desktop (or lord forbid on the network share). That’s a disk space problem and legal can of worms as which of these songs are stolen or violate copyright? Apart from all the above, block any other access because these things can slurp down a good chunk of corporate confidential data. Just say no. Alternatives that -are- recommended are for instance the new BlackBerry Curve 8300, and the Nokia N95.

Courtesy of WServerNews (formerly W2Knews)


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