June 23, 2007

I’m agitated since yesterday and this will affect everyone and everything around me some way until I’m over it. Found nice apt, fresh everything, put in application, they want guarantor. My credit is good, income is fine, 4X the annual rent. NEVER in my whole damn life anyone ever asked me for a guarantor. AFAIK that is for students or people with low income. I saw building management place ad on Craig’s list independent of the broker who showed me the place. Left them voice mail. Ad had Super’s number, called him, got their website address, what I saw got me more agitated…

    ***Guarantors Will Be Required***

  • Income Requirements: Applicants – 4 X Annual Rent, Guarantors – 8X Annual Rent
  • To confirm the Income for the guarantors we will need their W-2 or 1040 for the previous year

For apt in Washington Heights? If they contact me, will tell them if they don’t find anyone, let me know. I’m still interested. I personally don’t want to deal with them BUT mom/sis likes the place and area. So I’m forced to deal with people and situations I prefer not to deal with, again!


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