Indian Offshoring Firm… Offshoring To Mexico

June 8, 2007

from the cheaper-jobs… dept

There’s been a lot of controversy over the past few years about offshoring of jobs, even though the anger towards it tends to be emotional rather than rational. It was exaggerated during the recession years, as companies miscalculated and thought it would save them money (not recognizing all the hidden costs) involved in the process. The other thing is that as more and more jobs went to places like India, those “hidden costs” would become not so hidden and the direct cost of hiring in India would increase. A year ago, there was a report highlighting exactly that: hiring people in India was getting expensive. So, perhaps it should come as no surprise that one of the biggest offshoring firms in India is now offshoring its own jobs to Mexico (via The Raw Feed). This is just the natural economic cycle, but we’re sure it will make some people irrationally angry.

Source: Techdirt 

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