Ode to Myself

May 26, 2007

It started when I was a child
I took a mirror from the shelf
I gazed at my reflection
And exclaimed: “My God! I love myself!”I wooed myself with roses
And I wrote me sentimental letters
I found my love kept right on growing
As I got to know me better

I shared my first apartment
With myself; my parents disapproved
They said I was too young
For a commitment, but I was unmoved

My love for me’s sincerely felt
Not superficial, false, or forced
But all the same, it’s practical –
I won’t be widowed or divorced

Oh, I get angry now and then
Myself and me will start to fight
But always I make peace with me
Before I go to bed at night

Some people, when they’re by themselves
They get so lonely they could cry
Not me – I find companionship
And comfort with myself and I

– James Taranto from the Wall Street Journal

Source: The Great Mate Debate: When Me is Not Enough

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