Mojopac: A Portable, Protected Virtual PC

April 19, 2007

The idea behind Mojopac is elegantly simple: install a piece of software on an external USB drive. When the drive is attached to any Windows computer, it will automatically launch a protected, virtual session from the drive, complete with its own complement of programs and storage. Once you are inside this session, you don’t have access to the host PC’s resources, and so it is a little like the slogan for Las Vegas – any computing that you do inside the session stays inside the session, and you can’t unintentionally harm the host PC. Another advantage is that you won’t leave any trace of your activities on the host PC, because all evidence of your activities is stored on the external USB drive.

Note: MojoPac 1.0 requires Administrator Privilege. Limited Mode support will be introduced in MojoPac 2.0.

Official site.

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