Darker Me Emails

April 19, 2007

Yesterday I was pissed…
This is fucking useless! Because fucking marketing people who use fucking mac fucking sucks asscrack because they think everyone else are using fucking macs! These look like fucking mac files, which will create problems on windows side in my opinion. We don’t have fucking marketing dept., we don’t have fucking Photoshop and I ain’t going out spending $500-$700 for one! Even if I did get Photoshop, I don’t know how to use it and no else here does, at least not good enuff to insert links and even if they help us thru it, we won’t be able to insert an HTML link enabled email into Outlook (unless we get special email blaster software, which will create more problems because I’ll have to install that on every sales people’s PC and show them how to use it and then we will be flagged as spammer by our ISP for sending emails that way because it is a suspicious activity) so we are fucked in every fucking way! They either send us 2 fucking live emails with everything or we do it our way which we should have done last week anyways. What was the point of filling out that fucking form you two did last week anyway? They were supposed to take all that info, spit out emails we can send to clients.

Let’s cancel this Shrek event. Everyone knows Shrek is meant for ugly people to feel good about themselves. We should do Spider-Man 3 event, which is much BIGGER BETTER than any ugly green creature anytime! If you do a vote, I’m fairly sure more people will sign up for Spidey than Shrek.

PS: E****, I am calm. You don’t want to see me loose it.


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