April 12, 2007

Only problem is “happiness” is a myth. It is sumthin’ people look for all their life (excluding me). They think if they find someone, they will be “happy”. If they have a baby, family, nice job, move to burbs, donate money, etc. etc. they will be “happy”. BUT you can have it all or have nothing, one cannot be “happy”! One may think they are UNTIL, problems come along and there will be problems because there are waaaaaay too many things that are out of our control. One can be delusional enuff to think they “happy”, good for them. So what is there in this sorry excuse we call life? Just moments of joy, which are short and quick. That’s all. Right, there is nothing else. This is not ez for most humans to handle. This is why suicide rate is up. This is why society wants you to be busy with job, school, family life etc. To keep you from figuring out, life is useless and pointless, you will die, no matter what you do.


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