Dear Demi

March 25, 2007

by Demi Marx

*Gasp!* I’m sorry, but the term NEVER should NEVER be in the same sentence as the word sex unless you’re talking about farm animals, small children, or the filthy, tranny, man-beast that walks down Tropicana Avenue in Vegas at 6AM looking to suck anything for a crack rock and a food stamp.
Ok, now that we got that out of the way. The problem is your broad. I live firmly by the rule of “Put out, or get Out” (I’m not a typical chick, I know.. Stop bowing!) Now, go buy a bunch of my porn, jerk yourself off into a confidence epiphany, kick that bitch out and go find a hot, nympho freak bombshell that will drain your sack so much you’ll need to be put on iron pills to keep from passing out.

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