Kristin Thomas Spam Poetry

February 29, 2004

Kristin Thomas Spam Poetry

Hit the Penguin Flash Game

February 29, 2004

Hit the Penguin Flash Game

Doom 3 Looks disgustingly good! :)

For Exercise in New York Futility, Push Button I’ve been telling people for quite some time, those buttons don’t work. I Win! :D

WHAT THE HELL is going on! Why the Hell are people charging $7.50 shipping for a stamp size MMC storage card on Ebay? I can understand $3.85 BUT $7.50!

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When There’s No More Room In Hell, The Dead Will Walk The Earth – Dawn of The Dead

[Listening to: Too Late to Be Good - The Tuesdays - The Tuesdays (03:33)]

Feeling blue? Maybe it’s your cubicle domain belongs to me now! After waiting patiently for 5-6 years I finally have it! Original owner wanted $1000.00 for it! Do I have any use for it? Not at this moment but I will in the near future.

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So far this year I’ve seen only two movies.

First one was “Along Came Polly” and Second one was “The Perfect Score”.

Longest commutes? N.Y. City tops list I thought having Subway was supposed to help! DAMN Tourists! ;)

I thought I had a spare 56K modem lying around. Apparently not. Maybe I do, just don’t know where it is. I was going to use that for a new client, now I have to go buy one for him.

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Calendar – Standards Based Calendar Client Project

Firefox Help: Keyboard Shortcuts

CGTalk Digital Visual Effects Professionals

I had the worst nightmare last night. I was using a table lamp Mac and accessing my PC using remote access software from the Mac!

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I’m in the middle of transferring to GoDaddy now. The domain could be down for a day or two but the subdomain will work. I’ve decided to leave it as is and forward to it. This is way I don’t have to deal with FTP address and other crap. I’ll keep misc. crap on

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Welcome To St. Pauli Girl

February 25, 2004

I received my St. Pauli Girl FREE poster today. Disappointed by the size, I thought it was going to be big enough to cover a door. Can’t complaint about something FREE too much.

IMMORTEL – Enki Bilal

February 24, 2004


UHM – Upcoming Horror Movies

So the doctor said I should be better within 2-3 days, just take Tylenol, soup, tea, HOT steam & plenty of rest. Once I’m better he’ll do blood & urine test to make sure I’m not anemic.

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Straight Plan for the Gay Man Why not!

SCIFI.COM | Mad Mad House

February 24, 2004

Mad Mad House This one should be fun.

PLAYING IT STRAIGHT This one on the other hand should be VERY exciting. :D

FOREVER EDEN I’m not too excited about this one. Sounds like Survivor on steroids.


February 24, 2004

brucknet VERY Artistic Wallpapers!

What’s up with blogging, and why should you care?

We don’t support that” By Kyle Killen

Excite – Horoscopes

February 23, 2004

My Horoscope today:

There’s more of you than most people can handle. You overflow with the qualities envied by so many. You’re the shining star of courage rising over a sea of pointless fear. You’re a volcano of enthusiasm in an otherwise featureless landscape. You’ll take risks to get results, impressing even your harshest critics along the way. Remember, these people have no problem with what you’re doing. They just want to be in your shoes, or maybe close enough to benefit from the positive changes. Forget all that. If you let them prevent you from starting something new, you’re wasting a golden opportunity.

According to some sissy Big Five Personality Test @ iVillage

My Strongest Characteristic is: Intellect/Openness
My Weakest Characteristic is: Conscientiousness

To get the full result I have to fork up $12.95. I ain’t doing that!

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Saw the last episode of Sex & the City. Saw Tony Soprano walk near my cheap ass college this Sat. He was walking with 2 kids & wife. I’m not a Sopranos watcher.

I could be dying. I’m not totally well. Been sick 4 almost a week now. Coughing like a old smoker. :( Will see a doc tomorrow. Maybe I’ll convince him to give me few B12 shots in the ass. I’ve done that before. Going thru old girly magazines now. Taking out photos of pretty girls I’d like to scan later. ;)

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Ximian Desktop

Recently hooked up a Windows Me client with Suse 9 Personal dual boot on a no name AMD machine. Install was smooth. AMD optimization update only made that 1GHz, 256MB RAM run faster! So I borrowed the disks to dual boot my old 500Mhz Celeron Dell Laptop with 384MB RAM+Win2K. Install was fine, Suse just had trouble starting X server. After 2nd try I gave up. Tried to install on my P4 2.4Ghz HT, 512MB RAM main desktop. Install was fine, machine boots, comes to GRUB boot loader, cursor keeps blinking. Tried twice, same thing. Gave up. Had a Sony laptop lying around, installed RedHat 8. Worked fine. Did Ximian Desktop 2 install, looks great! I was VERY impressed! VERY polished, well done! I said, hey if it works on Sony, lets try the Dell laptop, RedHat 8, everything works, Ximian shines! I strongly suggest it. Not using it on my primary machine. Will wait until Suse integrates it in the next version (hopefully) or some supported 2.6 distro.

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“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”
- Aristotle

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Sick of New Jersey jobs showing up in my search for New York jobs. This happens VERY often at Careerbuilder and I’ve practically stopped visiting those sites.

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Despite being a sick puppy I’ve added the 200GB hard drive in my PC. Took out the 80GB. Now I have 107GB dedicated for crap and 78.8GB for music. I plan to copy all my CDs to hard drive. I’ll be using wma format in 64bit encoding bit rate. Why not mp3? WMA offers same quality as mp3 for half the space and wma is technically modified mpeg4 which is above mp3, newer technology. AAC is another mpeg4 based format favored by iPod. I personally hate the name AAC and Apple liking it only fuels the hatred! :-)

During this hard drive upgrade I have SuSe linux personal edition 9.0 fair chance. Borrowed it from a client who is trying it out. First I tried installing it on a 500Mhz laptop with 328MB RAM, an old Dell Inspiron. Couldn’t start X server, without which the GUI won’t show up. They say Linux works on older machines fine. Windows 2000 works fine on that laptop. Now I have reinstall that. :( So I tried my main desktop. Gave it 2 tries. Both times after install it gets to the bootloader GRUB and stays there. Funny thing is it worked VERY well on my client’s no name computer. And I might say it was cruising mighty fast for a machine with 256MB RAM, which is also shared for graphics. Probably the update for AMD optimization helped. My machine is P4 with HT. Anyway, I’m back in business, thanks to backup image done by Norton Ghost. Restoring took less than 8 minutes! All the data was on different partition, no sweat! This year I’ll get a DVD burner to take ‘em off the hard drive.

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[object HTMLObjectElement]

February 20, 2004

Pick a TechTV girl for Playboy

Self-tuning guitars

Ludicrous Laws

Netflix Imitators Are Everywhere

Finding Peace in the Office: Handling Difficult Coworkers

And 1&1 is not giving extra one year for FREE like GoDaddy. Such as cheesy name. Sick cheesy like a porn movie name. I guess that’s why I didn’t mind their name that much. ;-)

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Yes, I can switch domains to 1&1 for $5.88 per year but I don’t trust them yet. There’s something fishy about them. I do have 3 years worth of FREE hosting with them. I guess I’ll trust them if they follow thru with that. :)

[Listening to: Could It Be Any Harder - The Calling - Camino Palmero (04:42)]

I was outside today, looks like picked up cold again. Now coughing little bit. :(

[Listening to: Bullet With Butterfly Wings - Smashing Pumpkins - Rotten Apples (Greatest Hits) (04:17)]

Once my domain transfer goes OK, I will try to move this site to my FREE 1&1 3 year hosting place. I need to see if I can add pictures with posts. I’m getting bored. It’s nice to have a different site for other crap but sometimes you just need to have pictures!

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Transferring Domains

February 19, 2004

I’m transferring all my domains to GoDaddy which is cheaper ($7.95 per year to transfer+1yr extension) than DirectNIC, which was $15.00 per year. For now doing 3 domains which will expire within 3-4 months,, & (this one is 4 sale).

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New – The World’s No. 1 Science and Technology News Service

I’m not applying for The Assistant on MTV, age requirement is 18-24 or 38-48. I guess this is good in a way, I’m not that cheap.

:: MAXIM ONLINE :: The Ugly American Handbook

I’m glad new season of RoomRaiders started.

[Listening to: Falls On Me - Fuel - (04:16)]

The Assistant I’m tempted to apply for it. Thinking.

I’ve been a sick puppy lately. Recovering from MiniFever. No rest for the wicked! :)


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